natkin is: natalie.

i'm not sure that i really want to write anything here about myself! but. i know how much i enjoy seeing a photo of and reading about the people who write the blogs i read, so here's a little something.

i'm originally from new zealand, but flew the nest a year ago to live in london with my boyfriend, chris. i'm from a family who are obsessed by food, who love to cook, and most importantly; who love to eat. we're french on my mother's side and a crazy mix of yugoslave, scottish and english on my dad's. the french side is most definitely where my love and appreciation of all things culinary has come from, though apparently my paternal grandmother was quite the accomplished baker and could whip up the lightest, fluffiest sponges imaginable. i wish i had been able to meet her as i'm sure i would've adored her and her baking.

my maternal grandmother on the other hand, i know for a fact was the most amazing cook. she could assemble a batch of light-as-air crêpes at lightening speed without even looking at the bowl she was throwing the ingredients into. i loved to watch her ladle the creamy mixture into a pan sizzling with butter, flip the crêpe in the air and serve it to me sitting at the kitchen table to drown in lashings of yet more butter, raspberry jam and whipped cream. i feel sad for everyone who's gone through their childhood without a grandmother just like mine. she was wonderful and i miss her enormously.

luckily she passed all her knowledge, passion and talent onto my auntie and mother who keep all her recipes alive and well while also accumulating their own. my auntie's husband (a true parisian) and my mother's brothers' wives (originally from thailand and vietnam) also contributed their share of family recipes to the mix. add that to the fact that my grandparents moved their family from france to tahiti, and onto new zealand via new caledonia, and you'll get an idea of what it means to eat in my family. all i can say is, c'est si bon!

so that's me! of course, i could tell you about all the other parts of my life, like for instance, i'm an architect who specialises in healthcare design, i like to clean (is that wierd?) and one day, after we've finished traveling around england and the diverse continent they call europe, i can't wait to go home to little old new zealand - but what's all that when compared to food i ask you?!

so, as the french (and julia child) would say, bon appétit!



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